Agrecom, Inc. provides pest control service to agricultural, residential and commercial customers in California and Colorado. Please contact us if you have questions about pest issues and the services we provide.

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Rodent Control

Farms offer rodents the perfect environment to reproduce at accelerated rates.  The industry supplies their poultry with quality housing, the free access to high quality feed and water.  They do this to produce a product in the most efficient manner possible.  Unfortunately it allows rodents this same environment and the same results.  The only difference is that the rodents are not harvested as the poultry and the rodent problem multiplies.  It is important to establish a defense program against rodents that will keep them out of the house in the first place.


If there is a rodent infestation, the first step is to abate this situation.  Agrecom, Inc. has developed a process to quickly bring the population in a poultry house under control.  Our next step is to identify rodent activity in the surrounding area.  Once we understand the rodent pressures from the adjacent areas, we can design a successful baiting program.


Our newest tool is the use of bar-coding technology. Our scanning program provides us with electronic data base of our service.  This data is evaluated after each service. We compare the results from a number of service dates so we can look at our effectiveness over a period of time.  Rodent populations will change throughout the year and by using a data collecting system, we can see trend over time.  We focus our extra efforts where it is needed.  The use of targeted applications of extra rodent control products is a more efficient use of resources. Our goal is to use the least amount of chemical and labor while at the same time having the most effective rodent control program.  Bar-code scanning makes this happen.

Pest Control Services Offered

·         Crawling Insect Control

·         Rodent Control

·         Squirrel Control

·         Prairie Dog Abatement

·         Nuisance Bird Control

·         Weed Control

·         Flying Insect Control

·         Darkling Beetle Control

·         Store Products Pest Control

·         Bar-code Scanning Based Service Documentation.

·         Farm Rodent Program Oversight and Auditing


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