Agrecom, Inc. provides pest control service to agricultural, residential and commercial customers in California and Colorado. Please contact us if you have questions about pest issues and the services we provide.

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Darkling Beetle Control

Darkling Beetles is a costly pest to the poultry industry.  The presence of darkling beetles opens a farm to disease carryover from flock to flock, destruction of housing components, increases mortality, and reduced bird performance.  All of these statements have been well documented and the industry continues to struggle with controlling this pest.  Agrecom, Inc has developed a process that can virtually eliminate the pest from the poultry house.  Once this is achieved, we can assist the

Pest Control Services Offered

·         Crawling Insect Control

·         Rodent Control

·         Squirrel Control

·         Prairie Dog Abatement

·         Nuisance Bird Control

·         Weed Control

·         Flying Insect Control

·         Darkling Beetle Control

·         Store Products Pest Control

·         Bar-code Scanning Based Service Documentation.

·         Farm Rodent Program Oversight and Auditing


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